Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Michael Lee Johns Fan Blog!

Hello and welcome! You'll find all the latest news on Michael Lee Johns right here as the new American Idol season 7 begins. Hopefully Michael will make it all the way to the show this year, in which case THIS will be the place for updates and results.

Please send in all your Michael Lee Johns media (pics, music, etc) for our multimedia section.

Also look forward to plenty of commentary regarding the new American Idol season 7.

Anyway, keep checking in. We'll update as soon as any news regarding Michael is available.


sandmoran said...

michael johns oh yes
aussie guy with awesome voice
has my attention

Cappuccino said...

Im saying it's your Season 7 American Idol winner

john said...

I found an old demo of his from 2001. It ROCKS!!!
His band was called FILM, their website is still up..., there is a link to their iTunes site where you can get the demo.

Jesse said...

Michael is going to be huge. And he deserves it. Total stand up guy, nice as can be, and humble. Check him out on, a few posts down, sporting a fresh blue Whynatte shirt. Thanks for supporting the cause, Michael. Good luck mate.

Charlie Spears said...

Come a long way since the ABAC days! All the best and good luck!

Vivian Grace said...

Michael you are the real DEAL dude!
Really HOT, cute! extremely humble and likeable and above got talent. Awesome voice...nice accent. Like the way you sang Bohemian Rapsody. I gat ur back... see you all the way to the crowning night! Luv u lots


bahamadreamer said...

Great voice! My type of music too. He's also very easy on the eyes;) I'll be doing my best to vote him all the way to the top! He and my hubby share the exact same name, first middle and last. Anyone know his wife's name? How crazy would that be?


bahamadreamer said...

Great voice! My type of music and he's easy on the eyes too ;) I'm happily married to a gentleman by the name of Michael Lee Johns as well. Kinda crazy! I'd like to know what his wife's name is???

Vote him to the top,


Snowed in in Wisconsin

trueMLJfan said...

I've been a fan of Mike Lee (what he used to go by) since he was playing Fridays at CJ's Landing in Atlanta. I knew he would be a star someday! Way to go Mike!!! I hope he gets to sing some Pearl Jam or Live stuff-I love hearing him sing!